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Dimensions Academy High School


Dimensions Academy High School is a partnership between Bloomington Public Schools and Normandale Community College to provide an early college experience designed to meet the unique educational needs of gifted students in grades 9-10 who have exceptional academic skills.
Dimensions Academy High School was established to provide highly rigorous college-level curriculum to profoundly gifted students who are ready and eager to do college work, prior to their eligibility to complete post-secondary enrollment options (PSEO) in grades 11-12. Highly motivated and ambitious students will find the program challenging and stimulating.

Eligibility Requirements

Any qualified incoming 9th grade student - even those who have never participated in the Dimensions Academy program prior to 9th grade - are welcome to apply to the Dimensions Academy High School program. Qualifications are based on Bloomington Public Schools' assessment measures or other professional assessments that deem this program to be educationally beneficial for highly and profoundly gifted high school students. Students who meet or come close to the listed qualifications are encouraged to apply. Open enrollment is available to students who do not live within the city of Bloomington.

*Note: Geometry is NOT a prerequisite for the first math course; however, it is highly recommended that students complete geometry prior to the end of their 9th grade year.  Geometry is not a part of the DA HS math curriculum. Therefore, students will need to take geometry before 9th grade or take two math courses in their 9th grade year.


  • Minimum of 2 consecutive years of middle school achievement data (e.g. MAP) =>95% (national) on reading and math
  • IQ Measure =>95% (administered by an approved licensed psychologist/psychiatrist)

Additional qualification criteria*:

The student must possess and have demonstrated:

  • Advanced levels of thinking skills
  • High degree of independence in learning and production
  • Extraordinary degree of intellectual curiosity
  • Ability to manage advanced work at an accelerated pace
  • Strong social and emotional fortitude
  • Scholarly behavior and disposition

Program Description

Dimensions Academy High School is a joint venture between Bloomington Public Schools and Normandale Community College and to accelerate highly and profoundly gifted 9th and 10th grade students into college level courses in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. This innovative program allows students to attend two course hours per day at the Normandale Community College campus. (The DA High School students are NOT mixed with regular Normandale College students in these math & science courses.) After the two course periods, the students are transported back to Jefferson or Kennedy High Schools to complete the remaining four periods of the school day. As a cohort, students work with college professors in STEM instruction and laboratory work to prepare them for advanced standing in post-secondary institutions and beyond. 


All transportation to and from the campus will be provided. Students will enter and exit the college through a separate doorway and will be escorted to classes by a Bloomington Public School staff member. Classes will be held in a private wing, independent from the rest of the college.

Course credits

After two years in Dimensions Academy High School, students will have completed 35 semester credits which will be weighted on their high school transcript. After tenth grade, students are eligible to enroll in Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) for 11th and 12th grade. Students can amass a total of 60 college credits with the completion of two years in Dimensions Academy High School and two years in PSEO and potentially earn an Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in engineering or other science-related fields. Students also receive a Bloomington Public Schools high school diploma. 

Informational materials on DA High School: 


Erin Boltik
Director of Gifted Education

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