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Business Partnerships

Bloomington Public Schools welcomes opportunities to create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses and organizations in Minnesota.

Prepare Bloomington Program

To enhance the quality of education in the Bloomington Public Schools and the quality of the workforce for businesses by establishing and maintaining high-caliber and creative partnerships between schools and businesses.

“In Partnership With Our Community”
The phrase denotes the shared responsibility of education between Bloomington Public Schools and the Bloomington Community. From students, families, businesses, governments, organizations and clubs, we all need to work together to help students thrive and dreams come alive.

To actively connect learning with the community, Bloomington Public Schools and the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce launched Prepare Bloomington in 1994. Our business-school partnership program is designed to provide a direct link between the work world and the classroom.

How Business-School Partnerships Work
A partnership is created when a business and a school (or grade/class within a school) agree to work together on projects and activities that will enhance the quality of education for students while improving skills critical to success in the workplace. Partners work together to choose activities that meet mutual goals. Examples of activities might include working together on a service project, participating in internships, mentoring and job shadow activities, providing volunteer tutors, sharing training sessions or making presentations at a partner’s facility.

Become a Partner

Debbie Belfry
Coordinator of Career Development
Pond Center
9600 3rd Avenue South
Bloomington, Minnesota 55420
phone: 952.681.6291
fax: 952.681.6290

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