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Discover what it means to be human.

Connect to your larger community.

Innovate and challenge the status quo.

Lead by standing up, standing out and making a difference. 


Parent Informational Meeting - Oct. 24

Oct. 24, 2017, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Valley View Middle School Auditorium

Nobel Drama Choros

Nobel students to perform on Friday, March 2 at 7 p.m.
Valley View Middle School Cafetorium

Middle School Nobel

Nobel at Valley View Middle School is designed to develop talent in high-ability students through a rigorous humanities approach. Focusing on critical thinking and creativity, students will engage in a rich curriculum connecting literature, social sciences, philosophy and the arts. Inspired by Alfred Nobel and his legacy of celebrating outstanding contributions in fields such as literature, physics and peace, this program will build habits of scholarship and inspire students to embrace their own leadership capabilities to positively impact their world.

Nobel Placement

  • MAP test reading score 85%+
  • Torrance Creativity Test - Students with MAP Reading scores at or above 85% will be invited to take the test. Tests will be administered between October 23 and November 3. 
  • Teacher Recommendation Form

The online application can be found here.

Program Details

Grade 6: Telling Our Stories

Students discover uniqueness and individuality and reflect on the past - heredity, cultural influences, personality traits, conative styles - as they share unique stories of individuality. Students learn to recognize the inherent biases of every individual while realizing that we are all born egocentric and will operate instrinsically to satisfy ouselves unless we adopt a disciplined approach to step beyond ourselves.

Grade 7: Connecting Our Ideas

Students take a look at the present with an eye on the past, discussing events that enable them to see diverse perspectives. Students explore the questions: What is happening right now in our school, our community, our state and our world? What has happened in the past that we can learn from? What might we say/share that can empower others today?

Grade 8: Realizing Our Actions

Students take a look to the future by asking these questions: What might we create or design that could transform the world for a brighter future? In what areas is it necessary to challenge the status quo? What are some of the biggest needs in our world today, and what might each of us do to support a change that would benefit humankind?

Click here for more information on the high school Nobel program.

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